Lost Hope

Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 Insane In The Membrane

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PostSubject: Insane In The Membrane   29.06.08 22:13

He walked into the Abyss to see the filthy humans still hanging up. Of course, they were bruised and bleeding which means that the guards were having some fun as well. He walked towards the humans and as he did so, the guards walked out.

"Make sure I am not interrupted,"he said to the guards.

"Yes, MiLord," they said at once and ran out.

He cut down one of the humans and he fell limp to the ground. The Lord grinned evilly as the human stared into his cold dead eyes that were the colour of the pitch black night sky. As the human stared into his lifeless eyes, the look of fear slowly dissipated and his eyes became blank.

Lord Galilee stood up and let the human just lay there. he kicked him onto his back where the human started gasping. He held out his hands toward the human and the human stopped gasping. He just lay there motionless on the ground.

Then the humans entire body started glowing. Brightly at first and then it faded and the result was a tiny spectral ball hovering above the humans chest.

He lowered his hands and walked over to where the humans body lay. He cupped his hand over the white spectral ball and absorbed it into himself. He grinned again as he walked over to the Abyss and pressed a switch.

Out of the Abyss came this creature. It was black and shadowy and stood about 7 feet tall. The Lord pointed to the human and said, "he is yours Vero." The creature went over to the human opened his mouth to let out an unholy sound. His mouth stayed open and darkness seeped out of it and latched itself onto the humans hands. It pulled the human closer to the creature until the entire human disappeared inside the mouth of the creature.

He looked over at the other humans who was watching the entire show with big bulging eyes. As the creature went back in the Abyss, The Lord walked over to where the other humans were and told them, "let's play now."
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Insane In The Membrane
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