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Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 I Love My Aniki

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PostSubject: I Love My Aniki   12.07.08 2:52

"Aniki, you promised to go to the park with me!" Emily argued, tugging at the boy's hand to get him moving. The lazy high school student sighed heavily, wondering how he got into this mess in the first place. That morning on one of those rare occasions he actually attended school she had latched herself onto his leg, and refused to let go unless he promised to go to the town park with her. Normally he would've just ignored her, and continued on his way except for the fact that she had put something heavy in her backpack (he suspected bricks), and he couldn't move without falling over. The teenager was twice as old as Emily who was nine years of age, and she named the boy Aniki (meaning big brother in Japanese and grace in Hebrew) since he didn't like his first name, and she couldn't pronounce his nickname well. When she tried to guess his name and had listed several female names which annoyed him greatly, and ended up chasing the girl who hid behind some cake. Aniki thought cake was disgusting, and refused to go near it.

"Fine, fine, come on or I won't let you stay up to watch that anime you're so fond of," he mumbled, readjusting his backpackbefore heading towards the park.

"Yay!" she yelled out before following him, making sure to stay by his side. Any stranger would've thought they were siblings, but they weren't. In fact, Aniki babysat the brat as he first called her while her parents were out on business for the next two months. He was to stay with Emily, and make sure she didn't burn or blow anything up. This was because nobody told her it wasn't nice to set people's hair on fire or blow the neighbor's house up with fire rockets. No one could figure out how a nine-year-old got a hold of such dangerous explosives. The job, however, was reserved. She made sure he didn't burn or blow anything, well, that was considered important. Sometimes they would detonate a car, and while it was on fire roast a marshmallow or two before the cops came to investigate. No sooner did they arrived at the park did Emily run to the swing set (the other two were occupied) to get it before a mean bully tried to steal it from her. As soon as she touched the silver chain did a boy grab it out of her reach; it was JJ, one of the other children in her class.

"Hey! I was going to swing!" Emily shouted.

"Like I care nd freaks aren't allowed to have fun!" JJ yelled. Emily pushed the boy, taking back the swing, sat in it, and stuck her tongue out at him. JJ mumbled incompetent sentences to no one and walked away. No other child her age would play with her instead calling her dreadful names that sometimes resulted in Emily crying in Aniki's arms just because every time she tried to make a friend a terrible girl named Karen would make sure no one would. Aniki would tell Emily to beat Karen up, but Emily said no every time. This would continue on until some time later when Emily would finally crack.

I'll post the rest later.

Peace will bring us together. Peace will destory everything.
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Mistress Seidaku
Queen of Paradise

Number of posts : 948
Age : 28
Registration date : 2008-06-19

PostSubject: Re: I Love My Aniki   19.07.08 15:39

"Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness."

"That makes you crazy or possibly insane," Aniki said from behind her. He pulled the cahins then released them, pressing his hands against her back to push her on the swing.

"This is coming from someone who listens to screaming music all day."

"At least I understand it unlike that Japanese music you're always singing."

"It sounds happy and cheerful while yours yells out bad words and preaches about death."

"There is aboslutely nothing wrong with that."

"People might start to think you'ure a psychopath in the making."

"Screw what they think. I'll tie them up to a chair, and blast ICP in their ears." ICP stood for Insane Clown Posse which was a metal/hip-hop band that Aniki was so fond of. He would plug in his new speakers, and crank the volume to the mac all the while listening to the band to the point the police came to investigate what was going on. Aniki was almost arrested several times for disturbing the peace which he replied back that the only things disturbing the peace were the old people known as the good neighbors who had called on him.

"Then they'll become like you."

"Doubt it."

"Another you equals the end of the world."

"You just want little nieces and nephews."

"I did not mean it like that, but merely a female version of you."

"You still want mini-Aniki's running around."


"It's never going to happen."

"It will."

"How do you know?"

"I'm your little sister."

"It makes perfect sense."

"Excuse me."

The two turned their heads to find a teenage girl (Emily guessed she was Aniki's age or near it) who smiled.

"Hi, name's Ely, and I'm new. You wouldn't happen to know where the nearest health store is would you?" she asked. A health freak Emily thought with slight amusement. Aniki felt strange around this woman who he knew nothing about, and, for some ungodly reason, smiled. Emily spotted her Aniki's smile, and instantly felt a mixture of hatred and healously born within her soul towards the new girl. It had taken Emily weeks to make him crack a smile; four weeks of hard work that consisted of constant thinking, planning, and working tomake him smile which succeeded in the end, but it was the fact that this girl walked in, and he smiled on sight! Wasn't blowing up the high school principles' (nicknamed the bald man for obvious reasons) brand new 2007 Tesla eletric powered Roadster not enough? Emily hopped out of the swing, and appeared behind Aniki's right leg, latching on, and wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon. She wouldn't speak it, but Aniki knew Emily did not enjoy sharing him to anyone. She was slightly possessive; she told him she didn't want anyone to hurt him. Aniki knew it was because he couldn't love her like a little sister while she loved him like an elder brother, and it hurt her to some degree, but she wouldn't leave him be (she had promised she wouldn't).

"We can show you, but I don't think Emily will let me go anytime soon," Aniki admitted, leaning down to pat Emily's hair. Emily stuck her tongue out at Ely. "Guess she won't get any candy then." Emily glared up at herolder brother, not blood-bond, and thought how he dare use the thread of sugary treats on her! It always worked though. Emily released Aniki's leg, and switched to his right hand, grasping it tightly. Ely made a sour face.

"Candy contains too much sugar and calories," Ely commented. Emily send a glare to Ely, and thought up a devilish plan to dump sugar in Ely's drink (she had a feeling she would see more of the woman); however, Aniki would get mad, and an angry Aniki was not exactly a good thing (a lot of objects ended to get broken and there would possibly be a murder or two depending on who triggered it). With Ely around he seemed less. . . dangerous. For Aniki's happiness she would not attempt to harm or disrespect Ely.

"For Aniki's happiness," Emily whispered to herself, unaware that it would soon become her mantra for the next two weeks. Ely made Aniki happy, it was all that mattered. Her hatred could be kept at bay until she silently approvedof the girl, but Emily doubted that. It wasn't jealously she felt, only the sweet sin of envy.

Two weeks later, Emily sat in her classroom receiving a headache from the combination of her brainless classmates, and Ely stealing Aniki away almost every night. Why was she put in this classroom where the boys thought it ws funny to steal the girl's purses, and hide them in an obvious spot while the girls gossip about the most ridiculous of topics; this was perhaps why Emily didn't get along with her classmates - she was different, and preferred to talk about subjects that didn't include celebrities, divorces, marriages, and who-dating-who. Emily didn't mind the alone time because that meant she could sneak into Aniki's room, and watch all those movies she wasn't suppose to due to its adult content. Needless to say she didn't understand why; maybe because there were a lot of naked people in them. Still, she missed going out with him, and destroying a vehicle or two that contained nasty drugs. Since Ely and Aniki went out last night Emily thought it was fair that she should keep Aniki tonight. If he tried to refuse she would use her puppy eyes, although it worked 33 percent of the time, it was worth a shot.

"Victory is mine!" she said to herself, thrusting her fists into the air. Lady Fates would not kind that morning however.

"Why don't you go die!" Karen yelled from her desk across the room. That was the third time this month Karen had told Emily yo die. What did Emily ever do to this girl? Nothing came to the girl's mind, but she thought it was because Karen had a sad and boring life, and needed to entertain herself with the 'outcast'. Emily ignored Karen, and went back to drawing a stick figure Emily of Ely, Aniki and her. Karen, refusing to be ignored, walked over to Emily's desk, grabbed the piece of paper, and shred it to tiny pieces. "You'll never have a happy family!"

"Aniki is my family." Emily wasn't upset about the ruined artwork; she could always make another one.

"That Devil worshipper doesn't count! He isn't even your real brother!"

"Don't call my Aniki a Devil worshipper you stupid hypocrite!"

"It's true isn't it?"

"No because you don't even understand what a Devil worshipper is!"

"He goes out with that ugly girlfriend of his almost every day, and leaves you at the house all by your lonesome. Do you cry while you cut yourself when he leaves?"

Karen hit the ground as Emily tackled the terrible girl, and proceeded to beat Karen up. This lasted until one teacher held each girl away from each other, and the third made sure they didn't hit anyone. The other students were too busy cheering on the girls, a few for Karen whiles the majority for Emily who bit Karen's arm. Karen screamed out and cried.

Aniki sighed heavily, wondering why he was being sent to the office (again). Smoking in the bathroom? Not doing this homework? Maybe it was because the teacher caught him giving her the middle finger that morning when she explained to him the importance of being in school. He ignored the woman, and went to sleep instead. Whatever the reason, he was going to ignore the bald man. Maybe if the bald man annoyed him enough, he would grab the nearest marker, and draw on the principle's head! Genius! Aniki grinned to himself, mentally patting himself on the back for a splendid plan. He entered the office, and stood still for a few seconds before he realized why a crying Karen and his Imouto (meaning little sister (hum) in Japanese) were sitting on the couch with the bald man near them. Bruises were forming on Karen's face; her hair was a mess with teeth marks on her arm. Emily only had a mess up hairdo, and a bruise forming on her right cheek. The bald man was furious though.

"What happened?" Aniki asked, already knowing there was a fight between the two girls.

"Karen was talking to Emily, and Emily tackled Karen than beat her. It took three teachers to get them apart," the principle explained. Aniki chuckled.

"Who won?" The man's face went red with annoyance.

"Nobody won; the girls just had a disagreement is all."

"Emily, you better explain." Emily looked up at her Aniki.

"Karen was saying you're a 'Devil worshipper', Ely is your ugly girlfriend, and I cut myself when you two go on dates," Emily informed. "And I won."

"No you didn't!" Karen exclaimed. "I would've beaten you if the teachers hadn't come."

"All you do is talk Karen, and face it I won."

"It was a tie."

"Too proud to admit you got beaten by a freak?"

"Emily, you are not a freak. I'm taking her home right now," Aniki interrupted. The bald man nodded his head.

"Fine; she is suspended for three days, and will receive counseling when she returns. Karen four days because she provoked the fight, and also two days in the Naughty Children's room," the principale said before walking out of his office to call Karen's parents. Emily hopped off of the couch, grasped Aniki's hand before they left the office. Karen had pure hatred in her eyes glaring towards the girl, and began to think up a plan to get revenge on Emily.

"I'll get you back Emily," she said to herself, but she never knew she would never see Emily again after that afternoon.

Peace will bring us together. Peace will destory everything.
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I Love My Aniki
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