Lost Hope

Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 Play Time

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PostSubject: Play Time   25.06.08 2:44

After careful consideration Princess Akasha decided to put the human into a trance, a dream world where anything was possible and torchure would be much more delightful and satisfying.

The man woke up in a dark room, so dark that he couldn't even see his hand infront of his face. There was a loud giggle that echoed through the room which caused the human to whip himself around. His eyes were wide trying to see any inch of the room. Flash! There was a sudden flash of red light in his face and what he managed to see breifly made him scream. For wherever he was...it was decorated with dead corpses, random body parts, internal organs and blood was plastered everywhere over the stoney cold walls. He turned to blindly feel his way through the dark. His breathing increased and he wimpered everytime from time to time. He walked straight into something wet and cold. 'Oh damn, oh please, oh God please help me' he begged in his mind.

The next sudden flash lasted a couple of seconds longer and he found himself encased in someone elses bloody chest. He screeched as the eyeless head lolled onto his. "MAGGOTS!" They crawled somewhat hungrily onto his skin which made him itch and squirm and claw at his now bloody flesh. "HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Princess Akasha's laughter became louder and more evil with every pityful scream he released from those juicy lungs. He pushed away the torso that swung on thick barbed wire and the more he ran the more he met. He slipped on something and regretted moving, the itching sensation was now on his legs. Flash! He had tripped over a little girls body that was ripped to pieces and sown back together, she was filled with maggots and cockroaches that crawled up his legs. "AHHHHHHHHH!" He scraped frantically at his legs and tried to wipe away all the blood on him. Oh how he tried he was so frightened he dare'nt move from the wall he had found. Nothing appeared to be there. Flash! He stopped his weeping for a second something seemed odd. It was quiet and he could see himself. There was light. "Thank the lord" he sighed.

"But should you be thanking him?" Princess Akasha's voice rang out in his mind. "Who are you?!?" he questioned while looking at the claw marks on the damp dark ceiling. The was a horrendous echo of laughter through the room that was high pitched but seemed to slow down and down and down until her voice sounded like a broken record. Then he heard it, her voice in his ear like she was just behind him "I'm your worst nightmare". He turned around slowly fearing to look but she wasn't there nothing was there. He turned back around slowly only to be greeted by the gruesome scene of a massacre. He stared wide eyed and shook uncontrollably with great fear.

For infront of him hung another dead head, it's mouth stretched in a impossible position, it's eyes eaten out by maggots and it's tongue purple and sqiurming inside with more maggots. They fell one after the other like shells of bullets onto him. "NOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!" He screamed over and over at the walls hitting them so hard Akasha was sure his bones would break. The other body parts were forming together and crawling closer to him.

It reached him. The multi limbed corpse stroked his dirty brown hair across his pale bloody face. The lights went off. "Please, please, please don't hurt me! I'm sorry for coming here i'll go back I promise i'll never sin again! PLEASE" Akasha laughed " You humans couldn't stop sinning if your lifes depended on it! You were born with sin that that is how you'll die! Besides once you come here you stay here! Someone has to entertain me right?" She wasn't expecting an answer because she ordered the corpse to start to rip him apart. It's not like he was really dying since it was just a dream, sorry nightmare but the human would probaly be unconcious when it got out of her dream world.

She was right, the human lay there curled up in a ball holding himself and wimpering. She kicked it. It froze. She kicked it again, then again. Now she was getting angry. Her red hair suddenly flow around her like fire and her eyes burned brightly "WAKE UP YOU PATHETIC MORTAL!" she threw small fire balls at him which made him wake suddenly screaming. 'Damn' Akasha thought 'Masters gonna of heard that, better make this quick!' "Okay so your here cause your not supposed to be here which doesn't really make any sense but your gonna die so say your goodbyes any last words?" He looked up tearfully at the child before him " Your a real piece of work" he spat at her but it merely evapurated away as it reached her high temperatured form. " Now that's not nice" She threw him up against the wall, she was unbelievably stong for a little girl.

"I decided not to play with you after all. My brother always told me not to play with my food" She smirked at his frightened expression. "W-WWhat do you mean food?" She tilted her head to the side. "You must of noticed these by now" she tapped one of her fangs. She gave a blank expression to the confused human. "I'm a vampire you idiot, and the only vampire you will ever meet" She slashed at his throat visciously before delving her fangs into his warm skin which settled her very much. She was at peace the most when she was feeding. She didn't make it look like a rabid wolf was eating it's catch, she was much more beautiful then that. After she had finished she kicked him to the side of the lake. "Thanks for dinner jerk" she dissapeared into the darkness once again. The flames formed into hands and dragged the humans horror stuck face and body into the lake never ot be seen again.
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PostSubject: Re: Play Time   26.06.08 1:08

Lord Galilee was almost at the Lake of Fire when he heard a blood curdling scream echo into the night. His fury become intolerable as he approached the pitch black darkness that surrounded the lake. There was supposed to be fire, but there wasn't. He contemplated this for a moment. It must be an illusion.

"AKASHA." he shouted into the night. There was no sign of her and just at that moment the illusion faded and alas, there stood the Lake of Fire in all it's glory. He was furious now.

He walked to the Lake seeing no sign of Akasha or the Human, so he decided to walk around the lake. He knows Akasha well, so he knows the tactics she uses for her victims.

After almost halfway around the Lake he sees some uneven dirt on the ground. He stooped down near the area. It seems big enough for a Human body, but what made him sure of what happened was the blood that was on the ground. She must've been in a hurry.

"DAMN YOU. I will deal with you later Akasha," he said as he stormed out and headed for the gate.
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Play Time
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