Lost Hope

Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 Lord Galilee Ruler of the Underworld

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PostSubject: Lord Galilee Ruler of the Underworld   21.06.08 19:53


Name: Lord Galilee
Age since death: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: Unknown


Likes: the sound of screaming
Dislikes: happiness
Destruction Style: causes chaos by making his enemies fight each other


As A Human: Unknown
How did you die: Unknown
Battle Style: offensive, rushes into battle with weapon drawn
Weapon of Choice: Flamberge (sword of fire) stands at 6 feet long and 10 inches wide and all red.
Main Element(s): Darkness and Fire (You can only choose two)
Abilities: Necromancy and Flame of Destruction.

Choose one or two (no more than) elements and two abilities. The abilities must be under the elements that you chose.


Darkness, Fire, and Lightning

Abilities for Darkness

Darkness: Necromancy is the ability to control the undead and see through their mind but decreases health.
Darkness: Destruction is the ability to destroy everything in the near vicinity but decreases defense.
Darkness: Torment is the ability to place enemy in mental agony but decreases mental power.
Darkness: Psycho is the ability to go into a rage but decreases your stamina.

Abilities for Fire

Fire: Flame of Destruction is the ability to target an enemy in vicinity and land a fireball at that target.
Fire: Flame of Power is the ability to increase your strength but decreases your defense.
Fire: Flame of Agony is the ability to burn inside the soul causing them mental and physical pain but decreases your intelligence.
Fire: Flame of War is the ability to shoot a large meteor from the sky onto the battlefield but decreases your luck.

Abilities for Lightning

Lightning: Bolt of Despair if the ability to shoot lightning bolts at the enemies and electrocuting them from the inside causing them pain but decreases your mental strength.
Lightning: Bolt of Quickness is the ability to raise your speed for lowers agility.
Lightning: Bolt of Strength is the ability to increase your own attack power but decreases your armor defense.
Lightning: Bolt of the Gods is the ability to shoot lightning bolts from the sky in a wide are but decreases your magic power.
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Lord Galilee Ruler of the Underworld
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