Lost Hope

Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 Devil's Throne Room

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PostSubject: Devil's Throne Room   27.06.08 12:19

The Throne Room listed under the Devils realm can only be read and posted by Admin and the Devils, of course. So what goes on in there will be a complete mystery to all other angels and humans as You Cannot Read The Posts There. Also I will determine who posts there or not, right now all devils are allowed to read and post there, the leader of both the humans and angels have rights to post there. but no one else does. If you have a problem with this, oh well, send me a PM about it but it will not change. That is all.
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Devil's Throne Room
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